Equine Sports Medicine & Reproduction Centre

The Equine Sports Medicine and Reproduction Centre is focused on the quality of life and health care of the equine athlete and/or breeding horse. Our board-certified specialists provide the highest level of care in equine sports medicine, lameness, imaging and reproduction, and focus on the needs of veterinarians, owners, riders, and trainers. Conveniently located on the OVC campus, the ESMRC is a separate facility from the main hospital and features a 70 x 140 ft. arena for complete work up of lameness and upper airway issues, a fully equipped diagnostic imaging suite including cardiac ultrasound with nearby access to MRI and CT, and available turn-out space for horses that stay for breeding purposes.  .

Access to OVC board

-certified specialists

Advanced therapies (IRAP, PRP, stem cell treatment, shock wave treatment, Tiludronate, etc.)

Advanced reproductive diagnostic evaluation and services (ultrasound examination, fresh chilled or frozen semen artificial insemination, embryo transfer, fertility evaluation, pregnancy monitoring).

Basic & advanced -in-depth lameness evaluations.

Advanced cardiac assessment including radiotelemetry, Holter monitoring and echocardiography

Case consultations for referring veterinarians.

Dynamic respiratory endoscopy.

Digital x-ray imaging, ultrasound, and access to CT/MRI, all overseen and interpreted by a Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist

Neurological evaluation.

Performance evaluation (onsite in the arena, treadmill or track-based).

Prepurchase examination.

Upper and lower respiratory assessment including dynamic endoscopy.

 Preferred access to

     1.5 Tesla high field MRI

     CT scanner

     Nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan)

     Equine internal medicine and surgical services

     High-speed treadmill

 Dynamic respiratory endoscopy

     Televet 100 ECG/telemetry/ECG: Radiotelemetry and Holter monitor

     1.5 Tesla high-field MRI

     CT scanner

     Nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan)



         Deep-horn A.I.

     Equine medicine and surgery

     High-speed treadmill

All veterinary specialists on our team are board-certified with a veterinary specialty organization and are referred to as Diplomates – for example a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) has earned the right to be called a specialist in veterinary surgery. Veterinarians wishing to become board certified must complete an internship followed by a residency program, meet specific training and caseload requirements, perform research and have published journal articles. This process is supervised by current Diplomates, ensuring consistency in training and adherence to high standards. Once the residency has been completed, the resident must pass a rigorous examination. Only then does the veterinarian earn the title of Diplomate.

Our team evaluating your horse is always led by faculty members (Diplomate) who have considerable training and experience in their specialty, as well as in-depth knowledge of competitive equestrian sports. These individuals also have international recognition for their expertise in their area of specialization. Our equine team may include other veterinarians (residents in specialty training and/or interns), a registered veterinary technician, sometimes a student veterinarian, and an agricultural assistant to directly look after the horse’s needs.

 The following board certified specialists are available at the ESMRC to assess your horse

·         Surgery

·         Internal Medicine

·         Radiology

·         Theriogenology

·         Other areas of interest include cardiovascular evaluation by trained internal medicine specialists.

·         Neurology

·         Dermatology

If the need arises, specialists from other disciplines are available in the main hospital to provide a consultation.

Appointments at the ESMRC can be booked directly by you or your veterinarian through calling the Large Animal Clinic reception desk (519 823 8840) or by emailing jkoenig@uoguelph.ca (sports medicine); or tchenier@uoguelph.ca  and escholtz@uoguelph.ca ( for reproduction). We will provide you with an estimate of the time required for your appointment once we have spoken with you and reviewed the history pertaining to your horse.  It is recommended that you plan to bring your horse’s tack and riding equipment (if appropriate) should the nature of the visit indicate a possible need for evaluating your horse under performance conditions.

On the day of your appointment, you and your horse will need to register on arrival at the main entrance to the Large Animal Clinic. You will then drive to the ESMRC to unload. One of our team members will assist you with unloading & one of our team members will greet you and take a detailed history of the horse. A physical examination will be completed, and depending on the reason for your visit, we will discuss the diagnostic plans & associated costs with you.  You are welcome to stay for the duration of the visit as the evaluation is performed or leave your horse with us. Once we have completed our initial diagnostic work up, we will contact you and discuss the findings & further options. While we strive to provide the highest quality care & service to you and your horse in a time efficient manner.  Please note that in some cases it may be necessary for your horse to stay overnight.  Horses will be housed at the ESMRC & outside turn out is available if so desired. Upon discharge from the ESMRC we will have a case summary available within 24 hours of your visit & provide a detailed update to your veterinarian with our findings and recommendations.