Dr. Marie Holowaychuk, DVM, Dip ACVECC 

Dr. Marie Holowaychuk is one of two board-certified specialists in emergency and critical care at the OVC.  She grew up inMarieHolowaychuk.jpg Edmonton, AB and has been a faculty member on the Critical Care Service since October 2008.  Dr. Holowaychuk obtained her doctor of veterinary medicine from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and completed her residency in emergency and critical care at North Carolina State University.  She enjoys caring for all of the pets hospitalized in the ICU, but has a special interest in dogs and cats with trauma or sepsis (severe systemic infection).  Dr. Holowaychuk is a member of the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care editorial board and spends a large amount of time performing manuscript reviews and mentoring veterinary and graduate students.  In her spare time, she enjoys running with her Standard Poodle named Faith. 

Dr. Holowaychuk’s research is focused on electrolyte (calcium) and coagulation (blood clotting) abnormalities in dogs with trauma or sepsis (systemic inflammation).   She hopes to identify markers for survival in dogs with these conditions, to better guide veterinarians and owners in making decisions about care for their patients and pets.  Dr. Holowaychuk believes in performing multicenter research and collaborates with several veterinary teaching hospitals across the United States.  She also enjoys spreading interest in emergency and critical care and enthusiastically mentors veterinary students with research projects related to trauma and transfusion medicine each summer.   


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