Dr. Judith Koenig, Dr Med Vet, DVSc, Diplomate DACVS, Diplomate ECVS

Judith Koenig is originally from Austria and came to Canada 1996 after graduating from vet school to gain some research experience and complete the research for my MSc. Following a large animal internship at the Ontario Veterinary College she went to Oregon State University where she did a one year large animal fellowship. The year in Oregon gave her good exposure to Western Pleasure horses as well as Walking horses, which complemented her previous experience with Sports and Racehorse practice. Judith came back to the Ontario Veterinary College where she did a 3 year large animal surgery residence with a concurrent graduate degree (DVSc).  Judith became board certified with both the American and European College of Veterinary Surgeons and started to work as faculty in Large Animal Surgery in 2002. Since then she has been working half of the time as a surgeon with a strong interest in Equine Sports Medicine and the other half as researcher and teacher.

Judithís main area of interest in research is tissue healing, particularly wound and tendon healing. She has investigated the use of different modalities (for example shockwave or stem cells) to see if they accelerate tissue healing and which cellular pathways are affected. This will help to direct treatment of tendon injuries and wounds in horses.

Another area of interest for her is gastrointestinal motility and ways one can measure and improve gastrointestinal motility in horses to improve management of colic in horses.

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