Helping you make your decision 

Questions to ask

The following questions are intended only as a guide to help you reach the decision about your animal companion. Take your time. Consult our clinical counsellor and our clinicians to assist you. 

Questions to think about and ask: 

Treatment Questions:

  • Are there treatment options available?
  • How much additional time might treatment provide and what will be my petís quality of life during this time?
  • Do I have the financial, emotional and physical resources to provide the long-term medical care if necessary?
  • Can I allow my pet to die at home with the appropriate medications for comfort?
  • Will I want to be present during the euthanasia or wait in the reception area?
  • What will my petsí final hours or minutes be like and how will I manage this?

Quality of Life Questions

  •  What is the current quality of my petís life?
  • What impact has my pet had on my life or that of my family and how is this impacted by illness and treatment?
  • How many of his/her favourite activities is my pet still enjoying? Make a list and review them during this process to guide your decision-making.
  • When was the last time my pet was able to do what he/she likes to do the most?
  • Is my pet eating well, is my pet playful and affectionate towards me?
  • Does my pet seem tired and withdrawn most of the time?
  • Is my pet suffering even though physical pain is not evident?

Readiness Questions

  • What are my fears about making the decision? What am I afraid of? List three fears.
  • Am I emotionally able to make a decision to euthanize my pet?
  • Is the relationship with my pet changing or decreasing in quality?
  • What do I think my pet would want?
  • What activities do I enjoy with my pet, what does my pet like to do the most and are we still able to do these things?
  • What is my personal bottom line that I can live with? Write a personal contract with yourself and outline your bottom line for your petís quality of life-keep in mind, you can always re-negotiate it.