1) High School

In high school, choose the academic stream and take all the science, math and English prerequisites necessary.

2) College or University

  • To be considered for the DVM program, applicants must have completed a minimum of four full-time semesters (e.g. 10.00 credits at the University of Guelph) in an undergraduate bachelor's degree program, as well as eight prerequisite courses.  This may be done at any accredited College or University and in any major of interest. Courses do not need to be completed in a specialized college or faculty, or in a designated Pre-Veterinary program.
  • All prerequisite courses must be completed by August 31 (for international applicants), and December 31 (for Canadian applicants), of the year prior to anticipated entry.  Applicants must present a prerequisite average of 75% or higher as well as an average of 75% or higher in the last two full-time semesters in order to be considered for admission. Complete at least two years (4 semesters) of full time studies of a Bachelor's degree program. Full time is a minimum of five one-semester courses, for example 2.5 credits at the University of Guelph  or 15 credit hours at a US school. The prerequisite courses listed below must all be taken in a full-time semester.

Full-time Study Requirement

As a professional degree, the DVM program is a rigorous program with intense curricular demands.  Applicants need to demonstrate their capacity for high academic performance prior to applying to the DVM program, including strong performance in eight prerequisite courses completed during full-time study.


What is a full-time semester?

  • The definition of a full-time course load varies among institutions. However, for DVM admission purposes, a full-time semester is defined as a minimum of 2.50 credits. This is typically five courses at 0.50 credits each per semester. Note: For universities that use a 3.00/6.00 credit system, students must have a minimum total of 15.00 credits per semester in order to be considered full-time.
  • A course that runs the full year will have the credit weight divided equally and half applied to each of the two semesters in which the course is taken.
  • Field courses with a component completed outside of the regular semester schedule do not count towards the total credit weight of a semester.

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