The selection process includes the following steps:

1. Review of Applications - Academics - October to June

The University of Guelph's registrar's office ensures that all complete applications meet the minimum academic requirements. If prerequisite courses are completed in the fall or winter semesters this process will only be done once an official transcript with the final course mark(s) has been received.

2. Review of Applications - Assessment for Interview - October to July

The OVC admissions committee reviews the applications of U.S. and international applicants and ranks them based on: the letters of reference provided; the student's background preparation; and their personal statements. Once the candidates for interview are chosen, the interview is the predominant deciding factor.

3. Interviews - November to July

Candidates will be invited to a 45-minute interview where they will meet two faculty members of the OVC Admissions Committee. Interviews are similar to the Multiple Mini Interview in format. Candidates will be asked to review two scenarios and provide feedback on each. They will then be asked questions about their background and experience.

On-site interviews are recommended so applicants can be provided a tour of the college and the opportunity to meet current international student veterinarians. However, interviews via Skype are also permitted.

4. Communication of decision

Admission status is posted on the applicant's WebAdvisor account and an email 'offer' is sent to accepted candidates once admissions decisions are made.

Offers of admission must be accepted in writing. Applicants who applied using the VMCAS have until April 15th to accept their offer of admission.