This committee provides advice and support to the Associate Dean, Research and Innovation, for strategic planning on all matters that relate to graduate studies and research at the Ontario Veterinary College. The Research Advisory Committee is also responsible for reviewing applications for the OVC Fellowship and Scholarship programs as well as College Summer Student Research Assistantships. The committee is chaired by the Associate Dean, Research and Innovation (Gordon Kirby) and there are three to four representatives from each department on this committee including graduate student coordinators as follows:

Biomedical Sciences

Glen Pyle
Brenda Coomber
Matthew Vickaryous
Alicia Viloria-Petit

Clinical Studies

Heather Chalmers
Laurent Viel
Lynne O'Sullivan
Tony Mutsaers


Dorothee Bienzle
Scott Weese
Janet MacInnes
Patrick Boerlin

Population Medicine

Amy Greer
Jan M. Sargeant
Stephen LeBlanc
David Kelton