Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials at OVC

Veterinary clinical trials at the OVC Health Sciences Centre are research studies used to facilitate the improvement of healthcare in animals. They allow clinician-scientists to evaluate the effectiveness of different interventions such as medical devices, vaccines, diagnostic tests, surgical procedures, and treatments to inform the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of disease. 

While some clinical trials are designed specifically to improve veterinary health, translational clinical trials are designed as an intermediate step to inform the design of human clinical trials. OVC is a hub for translational research in Canada and is well positioned to translate findings from the "bench to bedside."

Clinical Trials with Active Recruitment:


Emergency Service

  • Evaluation of bedside ultrasonography of the optic nerve sheath diameter to assess elevated intracranial pressure in dogs

Companion Animal Internal Medicine


Oncology (For additional information on oncology trials, please see trials listed by the Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation).


Head and Neck

  • Evaluation of regional lymph node metastasis in canine thyroid carcinoma

Lymphoma & Leukemia

Skin & Subcutaneous Tumours


Companion Animal Surgery

  • Prospective evaluation of minimally invasive thoracic surgery for identification of pulmonary bullae in dogs with spontaneous pneumothorax

More Information:

For further information on current and upcoming clinical trials or to find out if your pet is eligible, please contact:
Vicky Sabine (PhD), Clinical Research Co-ordinator
Work cell #: 226-218-0338
Email address: clinical.research@uoguelph.ca