Molecular Diagnostics & Biomarker Discovery

The unique expertise and collaboration between research scientists, clinicians, laboratory diagnosticians, pathologists, and epidemiologists at OVC and the AHL has led to the discovery of biomarkers of disease and novel methods for the detection of infectious agents. This collaborative consortium of specialists has a common goal of commercializing validated unique diagnostic tools with clinical utility in detecting pathogens and diseases of food and companion animals and wildlife earlier, faster, more efficiently and, in some instances, at point-of-care. Implementation of these novel diagnostic tests will facilitate the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of diseases ultimately enhancing prevention and treatment success.

Researchers: Dorothee Bienzle, Shauna Blois, Jeff Caswell, Gordon Kirby, Pavneesh Madan, Bonnie Mallard, Tami Martino, Bev McEwen, Tony Mutsaers, Davor Ojkic, Glen Pyle, Darren Wood, Geoff Wood and Paul Woods