OR-5 Submission

As of Monday, January 26th, 2015, submitting the Office of Research Form 5 (OR-5) will be transitioned to an electronic process.
The process will flow as defined below.

See the Office of Research OR-5 page for procedures, support (creating Digital IDs, how to insert signatures), and policies (meaning of signatures, approvals, etc.).

Step 1 - Principal Investigator

  • A Faculty Member (PI) completes a digital OR-5 form available via the links below.
    The form is signed in one of two ways:
    1) using an Adobe Digital ID or
    2) using a digital file of the PIs signature.  
OR-5 (Digital Image Import)
* Forms must be saved and opened with a version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Pro
For information on how to create a digital signature in Adobe Reader or Acrobat please select from the following:
  • PI submits a completed OR-5 form and supplemental documentation (i.e. research grant proposal and budget) to their departmental OR-5 email account (see below).
Biomedical Sciences: ovcsas.biom@uoguelph.ca
Clinical Studies: ovcsas.clin@uoguelph.ca
Population Medicine: ovcsas.popm@uoguelph.ca

Step 2 - Department Chair

  • A Department Chair receives a completed form and supplemental documentation (via the departmental OR-5 email account), reviews and signs the form using an Adobe Digital ID.     
  • The Department Chair or designate forwards the completed and signed form (with supplemental documentation) to the College OR-5 email account (see below).

Step 3 - Associate Dean

  • The Associate Dean, Research and Innovation receives the completed form and supplemental documentation (via the SAS Research email account), reviews and signs off using an Adobe Digital ID.  
  • Under normal circumstances and application loads, OR-5 forms will be approved and signed by the ADRI within 24 hours of receipt of the form. Applicants are responsible for meeting the internal deadlines of the Office of Research outlined at: http://www.ovc.uoguelph.ca/research/en/researchresources/resources/guidelines_on_internal_deadlines.pdf 
  • The Research Assistant (on behalf of the Associate Dean, Research and Innovation) submits the completed form (signed by PI, Chair and Associate Dean) and supplemental documentation to the Office of Research.
  • The Research Assistant simultaneously sends a copy of the final version of the form to the Faculty Member for their records.

Step 4 - Office of Research

  • The Associate VP Research Services receives the completed electronic OR-5 form, reviews and signs off using an Adobe Digital ID and sends the final copy to the PI.