Proteomics Facility

Contact: Dr. Gordon M. Kirby or Allison MacKay

The OVC Proteomics Facility, located in the Department of Biomedical Sciences provides access to equipment to conduct proteomics analysis of body fluids and tissues using two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis (2D-DIGE). The equipment includes an IPGphor Isoelectric focusing system, Ettan DALT 6 and DALT 12 electrophoresis systems, Typhoon 9410 fluorescence imager, and Ettan Automated Spot picker and DeCyder 2-D Differential Analysis Software. This system allows for identification of differentially expressed proteins in complex mixtures of proteins of body fluids and tissues using fluorscence labelling with Cy dyes thereby facilitating biomarker analysis. The 2D-DIGE system overcomes limitations in traditional 2D electrophoresis that are due to inter-gel variability.