Summer Research Studentship

All communications about these positions should be sent to:

Competition Information

Schedule of Dates: Summer 2019

 December 20 Call for abstracts describing the summer research project(s)
 January 16 Deadline for project submissions
 January 21
 List of available projects announced to students 
 January 21 - February 8 Students contact faculty member directly
 February 8 Competition closes
 February 15 Faculty submit resume and unofficial transcript of successful applicant   to ovcsas.research@uoguelph.ca

Available Projects

Information Regarding the Selection of Proposals

This year there were many more submissions with 42 proposals submitted for 32 summer studentship positions. Proposals were selected by members of the Research Advisory Committee, in consultation with the department Chairs, based on the criteria stated in the announcement as well as other factors as indicated below. This was to ensure that the selection process was fair, equitable and transparent.

  • Alignment with the terms and conditions of the studentship (e.g. stated restrictions regarding project thematic area)
  • Clarity or details of the summer research project (e.g. specific roles and activities of the student in the project)
  • Whether or not more than one proposal was submitted
  • Whether or not the faculty member had been allocated a URA
  • Incomplete proposal (proper submission form was not used; sections were not completed)

Thank you for participating in this process. We are fortunate to have the funds to support the research experiences of so many students. It is unfortunate that we couldn't fund all of the proposals.

Please ensure that you select the student based on the stated restrictions (e.g. DVM students only for some studentships).

Gord Kirby