The application process for Canadian applicants to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program depends on which school the candidate attended for undergraduate studies.


Application form and fee:

  • Current or former University of Guelph students: Apply to the DVM program by applying for transfer or readmission with the University of Guelph Internal Transfer/Reapplication Form.
  • Canadians with Ontario residency: If you attend a post-secondary institution other than the University of Guelph OR are living abroad, you may apply to the DVM program using the OUAC 105D form online at the Compass website and can be found under the University of Guelph undergraduate degree programs page.

Upon receipt of these application materials candidates from outside the University of Guelph will receive a University of Guelph email account and access to our WebAdvisor notification system. They will also be provided a link to the Background Information Form in the documents section of their WebAdvisor account.

NB: If applicants choose to withdraw their application based on their fall semester marks, they can do so by February 1st without having the application count as one of their four attempts.


- Background Information Form - Found in the document section of your WebAdvisor account once you have applied.


- Referee Assessments - On your BIF, you will provide the names and email addresses for your referees.  We will then email them with instructions on how to complete the Referee Assessments on-line.  After your BIF is submitted, each referee will show individually on your Documents list on WebAdvisor and as each Assessment is received, you will see the status reflected there. 

- Transcripts (those from the University of Guelph will be transferred automatically)
- Additional Information Form for Graduate Cohort Applicants (for those applying as part of the graduate cohort)

Documents must arrive by or on March 1st and should be submitted to:

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program
Admission Services UC L3
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON N1G 2W1

If you have questions about the application procedure or a current application in progress, please contact: Kelly Hunter, Admission Services - 519-824-4120 Ext. 58711.