The DVM Admissions Committee also considers applications from Canadian students who have successfully completed at least three full-time semesters in a graduate program (master's or PhD) by January 1st. Normally a maximum of five graduate students are selected from this cohort each year.

The graduate cohort is for students applying from or after completing a master's or doctoral degree. It is not for those who have graduated from a bachelor's degree.

Those applying through the graduate cohort must complete the same necessary academic and non-academic requirements (including necessary documents) as stated for all other Canadian applicants. More information on these requirements and documents can be found under Admission Requirements. 

An additional form is required for graduate applicants in order for them to highlight their achievements as a graduate student, including publications, presentations, and achievements in research. It is highly recommended that individuals considering applying into the graduate cohort assess if they have content with which to populate the form in order to be a competitive applicant for this pool. In particular, the number of publications is highly regarded. This includes those in progress, submitted for publication and those published in a refereed journal.

Individuals may still apply in the undergraduate cohort even if they hold a graduate degree.

Initial rankings are based on the student's overall academic performance, the letters of reference provided (2 from DVMs and 2 from those familiar with the student's performance as a graduate student - usually members of the advisory committee), the student's background preparation, and their personal statements. In particular, an applicant's productivity while a graduate student is important. Productivity includes publications, presentations and other ways their research was disseminated to others.

Once the candidates for interview are chosen, the interview is the predominant deciding factor for the graduate cohort. Interviews will be held the same week of the domestic undergraduate MMIs. 

NEW IN 2020

Ten candidates will be invited to interview within the same timeframe as the undergraduate cohort. 

Non-Canadian applicants are not eligible for admission into the graduate cohort, but may apply through the international cohort and submit their graduate work as part of their application package.

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