The selection process for undergraduate Canadian applicants involves the following steps (Information for US and International students is found here:

1. Calculation of Admission Average

International Cohort: November  Domestic Cohort: March

A 50:50 ratio determines your admission average. This average is used to select the top candidates to move on in the selection process. This breakdown is as follows:

- 50% is the average of the courses completed in your last two acceptable full-time semesters (minimum 75% to be considered further)

- 50% is the average of your eight acceptable prerequisite courses (taken during acceptable full-time semesters, minimum 75% to be considered further). Applicants choose which courses are put forward, as long as they are acceptable. Prerequisite courses can be from any acceptable semester including those in first year.

2. Review of Applications

International Cohort: late November  Domestic Cohort: March-April

The OVC admissions committee reviews the applications of the top applicants to verify that they are suitable for interviews.

Candidates who are invited for an interview will receive an email in December (international cohort) or the last week of April/early May (domestic cohort).

3. Interviews 

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our ability to perform interviews using our traditional face-to-face Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMIs). As such, applicants for the Fall 2021 entry point of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program at the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), are advised that the interview stage of the DVM admissions process for this year will instead include CASPerŪ, a situational judgement test, administered by Altus Assessments ( as well as a virtual personal interview (VPI) using the Microsoft Teams platform.

The interview scores becomes 35% of the final ranking and is combined with the admissions average calculated in step 1 above (which is now 65%). The top applicants are re-ranked with the combined score.

Individuals applying as part of the domestic graduate student cohort will be interviewed the same week as the undergraduate cohort. 

4. Final review of interviewed applicants - International mid-February, Domestic early June

The top students are reviewed by the OVC Admissions Committee, and the applicants who will be offered acceptance into the program are chosen.

5. Communication of decision 

As soon as the admission decisions have been made, they will show on the applicants' WebAdvisor accounts.  An official letter will be sent to each applicant at their mailing address and an email will also be sent to the uoguelph email address.

Offers of admission must be accepted in writing.

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