As a bachelor's student coming from High School, living in residence is not only fun but a great way to meet others and support your academic goals. Our communities are full of late night chats, Gryphon pride, spirited debates and cramming for that last exam.

When we ask students what they learned from their residence experience, we get all types of answers. Student learn how to share a common space, how to negotiate with a roommate, what a "boogie" is, ways to manage their time, appreciate different perspectives and what it means to be a part of a community.

Learn more about student housing at the University of Guelph at this link.

Off-Campus Housing

Since most DVM students already have a few years of university under their belt, most prefer to live off-campus or in family housing.

When deciding where to live, consider the type of transportation available to you. Most housing is within easy access of a bus route, and a student bus pass is included when you pay your student fees. We have many listings of accommodations that are within a 30 minute walk to campus. If an accommodation is further than a 30 minute walk to campus and is accessible by city bus, it is noted on the listing. If you require a car to get to the accommodation, it is noted on the listing.

Remember, that you will be living in the accommodation you choose every day for a long time. The place you live will impact on your sense of well-being, which will also influence your studies and your university life in general. Do not choose a place simply to have a "roof over your head".

Remember that you should always visit the actual unit and meet your landlord in person.

Where to look:

  • University of Guelph Housing has a search engine for finding available off-campus housing as well as on-campus residences and family housing.
  • The Cannon is a University of Guelph student run paper that contains house listings under their classified section.