Veterinarian Mentor Program

The alumni mentor program, organized through the office of the Associate Dean, Students, provides students with the opportunity to connect with OVC alumni on a more personal level by facilitating interactions outside of the classroom.

Students are matched with alumni working in their areas of interest, including clinical specialization, industry, and government.

P2P1 Guide Program 

The P2P1 (phase 2 to phase 1) guide program provides the opportunity to discuss and discover life as a student at OVC by pairing a first year practice group with two second year student veterinarians. Students are introduced to their guides during orientation, and there are several guide activities planned during the first month of school. The program provides an avenue for students entering the program to ask questions regarding classes, textbooks, study tips, useful resources at OVC, volunteering, extra-curricular activities, and any other issues related to the DVM program. 

The guides follow their group through their first year at OVC and organize events during the school year.

NOTE: This program is not intended to be a counselling service to deal with highly personal issues. There are OVC Peer Helpers available, as well as professional counsellors available on campus through Counselling Services, who can help you with serious life issues.

Peer Helper Program

OVC Peer Helpers are student veterinarians who can assist their fellow student veterinarians with both academic and personal matters. They are part of the OVC Student Affairs Office.

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