The Summer Career Opportunities & Research Exploration (CORE) Program offers BSc, DVM and other students the opportunity to work on primary research/educational activities with faculty advisors during the May-August summer break. The program works in conjunction with the Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA) and Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) programs, which offer students the chance to work with faculty on novel or on-going research projects. 

The Summer CORE Program includes a round table discussion series with veterinarians and scientists working in diverse and intriguing areas, field trips to cutting-edge research facilities and the Metro Toronto Zoo, and professional development workshops to prepare for conference-style sessions.

Students jump start their own academic leadership with oral presentations in May. The Summer CORE Program also offers students the opportunity to share project advancements and/or results with peers and the OVC community through poster presentations in mid-August. Registration for the Summer CORE Program is in early May.

The New Opportunities Career Path funds the program through the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) Special Grant program at OVC. Two students are funded by the Boehringer Ingleheim Veterinary Scholars Program and a others through internal awards.

Program Coordinators:

Dr. Gordon Kirby, Associate Dean, Research and Innovation
Elizabeth Lowenger, Manager, Student Affairs.