The Veterinary Experience Program (VEP) is a voluntary program for Phase 1 & 2 students offered in association with the OVC Alumni Association. It is a learner-centered program for self-motivated students and provides crossover between academics and the world of work through the opportunity to spend a hands-on day 'on the job' with a practicing veterinarian.  

The program:

  • provides an opportunity for DVM students to explore an aspect of veterinary medicine they may be considering as a career option;
  • provides an opportunity for DVM students to apply classroom theory in the current workplace;
  • integrates current DVM students with alumni and non-alumni practitioners for the purpose of networking and career planning.

How the match Process and registration work:

Program opportunities are catalogued on online practice bank. The bank identifies the type and location of practices as well as contact information. Sign up is on a first come, first served basis. Once you have the contact information for a specific clinic, you must book and arrange transportation for your VEP visit, and the clinic must be contacted at least three days prior to the visit date. Appointments are available during the winter and summer breaks as well as the regular school year.

Program Coordinators

Dr. Kerry Lissemore, Associate Dean, Academic
Dr. Todd Duffield, Faculty, Department of Population Medicine
Elizabeth Lowenger, Manager, Student Affairs

The program is facilitated through the OVC Dean's office. For questions or more information, please contact Elizabeth Lowenger at (519) 824-4120 Ext. 54430, or by email at