The Future Vets Club (FVC) is a CSA-approved student club at the University of Guelph. The main goal for FVC is to provide support to undergraduate students intending to apply to veterinary colleges, both within Canada and internationally.

The group's aim is to provide as much information as possible by organizing and hosting informative seminars and events, with feature speakers from animal-related fields, and by providing information on work/volunteer opportunities and schools that offer a degree in veterinary medicine, providing members with a broad, first-hand glimpse of the veterinary profession as well as the various fields within veterinary medicine.

Club events provide valuable information and also allow undergraduate students the opportunity to network with potential supervisors and meet students who share similar interests and a passion for animals.

For more information about the Future Vets Club, veterinary medicine, and opportunities available to undergraduate students, visit the FVC website or the Facebook Page.