Achievements & Discoveries

OVC was founded in 1862 and since that time there has been numerous contributions to research in animal health and welfare that have enhanced our knowledge of animal diseases, representing pioneering work that has had significant impact on the global and Canadian veterinary profession, particularly in the areas of Food Animal Health, Infectious Disease and Host-agent Response, Applied Clinical Science, & Reproductive Biology and Biotechnology.
Hemorrhagic disease in cattle: Identification of dicoumarol in mouldy sweet clover led to the development of warfarin: F. Schofield (1922)

Fowlpox: Development of a vaccine for Fowlpox, a slow-spreading viral disease of poultry that causes skin lesions R. Gwatkin (1923)

Brucella abortus: Development of vaccine and serodiagnostic control program: C.D. McGilvray, (1930s-40s)

Pullorum disease in poultry: Development of a disease control program for Salmonella pullorum in poultry. C.D. McGilvray, 1930s and 1940s

Mink enteritis: Discovery of Mink enteritis F. Schofield (1949)

Experimental Surgery. Development of surgical techniques and aseptic surgery. Pioneering work in small animal surgery Dr. J. Archibald and Dr. J. Markowitz (1950s)

Frozen Semen Development of protocols for freezing cattle semen. Use of glycerinated milk diluents greatly prolonged storage time J.W. McPherson (1950s)

Artificial Insemination: First birth of a foal from artificial insemination with frozen epididymal sperm. Pioneered the development of AI of cattle and horses in Canada. J.C.C. Gandier J.A. Henderson, C.A.V. Barker (1950s)

Serum acid-base and chemical imbalances; development of balanced intravenous electrolyte solution for treating dehydration in animals; Pioneered the discipline of veterinary clinical pathology & laboratory medicine: B. McSherry, (1950s-70s)

Canine distemper: Distemper virus attenuation through growth in eggs led to development of safe vaccines. J. (Belcher) Budd, (1951)

Bovine Mastitis and Ketosis: Successful use of antibiotics to treat Staphylococcus aureus mastitis. Discovery of the Newbould strain of Staphylococcus aureus: D. Barnum and F. Newbould (1956)

Canine hemophilia: Identification of FIX deficiency as a cause of canine haemophilia B; Pioneered the area of coagulation, thrombosis, & experimental atherosclerosis: JF Mustard, HG Downie, HC Rowsell, J.E. Leeson, and J.A. Archibald (1960)

Mink enteritis: Development of vaccine, C.G. Willis and J. (Belcher) Budd. (1960)

Cytogenetics and infertility: Identification and characterization of inherited chromosomal and molecular cytogenetic abnormalities that impact on reproductive efficiency and breeding of domestic animals. Pioneering research in cytogenetic causes of infertility. P Basrur, J. Gilman and WA King. (1960- present)

Theriogenology: Identification and characterization of stimulation and metabolism of gonadal steroids in horses and swine. Pioneering research in hormonal control of reproduction. R.M. Liptrap, J.I. Raeside. (1960s-80s)

Enterotoxigenic E. coli: Discovery of enterotoxin: sequence the toxin genes and purify the toxin C. Gyles & D. Barnum, (1967)

Neonatal Calf Diarrhea. Development of an apparatus for IV fluid therapy in large animals: R. Willoughby (1970s)

Aleutian disease (plasmacytosis) in mink: Evidence of viral etiology. PK Basrur, L. Karstad L. (1966) Virus identification, immunopathogenesis and serodiagnostic-based control - D. Ingram and Cho (1970s)

Bovine Respiratory Disease: Development of methods of epidemiological analysis including identification of risk factors for Bovine Respiratory Disease; Pioneered area of veterinary epidemiology: S.W. Martin, A. Meek (1970-90)

Lymphoid neoplasia in animals: Development of classification schemes of different types of lymphoma in cattle, dogs and cats. V.E.O. Valli (1975-1995)

Ecosystem Health: Epidemiology of zoonotic diseases and food and water safety in community and agroecosystems and the associated socio-ecological impact. Pioneered the field of ecosystem approaches to public health: (D. Walter-Toews, 1980-present)

Critical Care: Research in the areas of peri- and post-operative analgesia, percutaneous endogastric tube feeding and nasal oxygen administration in critical care. Pioneered the discipline of small animal critical care: K. Mathews (1980s-present)

Early Bovine Embryo development: Development of embryo culture. Study of genetic causes of embryo death and genetic makeup of cloned animals. Discovery that thyroid hormone supplementation improves bovine embryo development. W.A. King (1980s- present)

Bovine mastitis and ketosis: Identification of risk factors and monitoring methods for udder health and subclinical ketosis: K.E. Leslie, T. Duffield (1985 - present)

Food Safety and Antimicrobial Resistance. Pioneering research on risk assessment and molecular epidemiology of antimicrobial therapy in food animals: S. McEwen, J. Prescott, C. Gyles, P. Boerlin (1985-present)

Laboratory Animal Diseases: Characterization of the pathology of viral infections of the liver, respiratory system and salivary glands of rats. Established the discipline of laboratory animal pathology. D.H. Percy (1985-2005).

Poultry Pathology: Identification of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disorders in rapidly growing poultry R.J. Julian (1985-2005)

Shipping fever: Purification of the leukotoxin of Mannheimia hemolytica lead to the development of "Presponse" a highly successful patented veterinary vaccine. P. Shewen & B. Wilkie (1988)

Cardioversion in horses: Development of transvenous electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation in horses with patented catheter-mounted electrodes. P. Physick-Sheard D. Kenney, K. McGurrin (1990s-present)

Allergic airway disease in horses: Use of bronchoalveolar lavage & pulmonary function test for diagnosis. Inhaler therapy & development of "Aeromask". L. Viel, (1990-present)

Porcine Stress Syndrome: Discovery of a Ca2+ -release channel mutation of sarcoplasmic reticulum lead to the development of a DNA-based test for PSS in pigs: P.J. O'Brien (1990)

Canine cardiomyopathy: Investigation of the pathogenesis, genetic susceptibility, novel therapies (e.g. Pimobendan) and diagnostics (e.g. Holter monitors) for dilated cardiomyopathy in Doberman Pinschers. M. O-Grady (1990s-present)

Edema disease in pigs: Purification and characterization of the Shiga toxin (verotoxins); toxoid immunization. D. MacLeod & C. Gyles. (1990-1991)

Vector borne diseases in wildlife: Epidemiology and pathogenesis of borreliosis and West Nile virus infection in wild animals. I.K. Barker (1990 - 2000).

Cartilage repair in horses: Development of mosaic arthroplasty, a surgical process involving transplantation of joint plugs to repair cartilage defects. M. Hurtig, J. Dickey, J. Runciman, and S. Pearce. (2001-present)

Clostridium difficile and diarrhea: Identification of C. difficile as a cause of acute diarrhea in dogs and horses: S. Weese, L. Arroyo, and H. Staempfli. (2006-present)