OVC Strategic Research Plan

The OVC Strategic Research Plan (SRP) is a college-level plan that identifies the key issues and strategies that facilitate and guide research activities. The objectives of the plan are to ensure the continued success and international recognition of our research achievements and to sustain and build robust and competitive future research programs.

The Strategic Research Plan for OVC

  • Acknowledges strengths and encourages competitiveness
  • Ensures viability of existing research programs
  • Allows for strategic use of resources
  • Promotes increased research productivity
  • Provides a framework for growth

The OVC Strategic Research Plan complements the OVC Integrated Plan and the Strategic Research Plan of the University of Guelph, as well as the mission statements of OVC and the University.

The OVC Strategic Research Plan closely adheres to the objectives of the university's SRP: research excellence, support of creativity and diversity, innovation, public policy, training, and collaboration.