Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare

The Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare is an internationally recognized centre of excellence in animal welfare study with a long, respected history in research, education and promotion of high welfare standards for all animals used or affected by humans.

In 1989, the Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare (CCSAW) became the first centre of its kind in North America and the second in the world. The centre's mission is to promote the welfare of animals through research and education.

The University Chair in Animal Welfare was established in 1995, and in 1996, the centre was renamed The Colonel K.L. Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare, recognizing the commitment and support of Mrs. Mona Campbell, the widow of the late Colonel Campbell.

Today, undergraduate and graduate teaching programs and the number of faculty members specializing in animal welfare science continues to grow. The centre has over sixty associated faculty and a core of seven faculty dedicated to a broad range of animal welfare research and teaching.

The Campbell Centre offers a series of public lectures, seminars, and educational opportunities for people interested in animal welfare.

For more information about the Campbell Centre and its work, please visit their website.

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