OVC Pet Trust Research Competition

OVC Pet Trust Mandate

OVC Pet Trust, founded in 1986 at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph is Canada's first charitable fund dedicated to improving and advancing pet health and well-being. OVC Pet Trust supports innovative discoveries (research), learning (education), and health care that improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of companion animals (excluding equine). OVC Pet Trust helps explore vital companion animal health issues, develop new diagnostic and treatment techniques, and examine the human-animal bond.

OVC Pet Trust Competitions

OVC Pet Trust holds an annual research competition and biannual equipment competition for OVC faculty members.
For internal competition information and documentation, please visit the Research Hub (internal use only).

Any questions about the OVC Pet Trust Competitions can be sent to OVC SAS Research: ovcsas.research@uoguelph.ca.

Past Pet Trust Research Competition Results 2015 - 2020