Message from the Associate Dean

Welcome to the OVC Research website. 

Our aim is to provide easy access to research information for our faculty, staff, students, members of the scientific community, as well as industry, government partners and the public. In sharing our research work, we intend to attract, identify, and encourage new research partnerships.

Being competitive starts by celebrating the achievements that arise from a focus on research excellence, recognized strengths, and collaborative relationships. It is further encouraged by identifying and pursuing innovative research that can be supported by internal expertise, infrastructure and research alliances.

By highlighting and sharing our work, we will open doors to increased research efficiency and productivity, while enhancing and encouraging vital and collaborative relationships and funding opportunities. Our long-term research strategy is supported through our varied research activities, training programs, and recognized programs of strength.

As we share our work and increase the overall awareness of our research activities, programs, and infrastructure, we will create benefits for animal and human health, with the ultimate intention to build for and be part of a vibrant, healthy future. 

Shayan Sharif (DVM, PhD)
Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies
University Research Leadership Chair