Funding to support research operating costs is provided through both internal and external sources. Current funding opportunities are communicated through University Research Alerts and the OVC Research Hub. Faculty members are expected to apply for external funding through government agencies and industry sponsors. Faculty members are also eligible to apply for internal funding opportunities including the OVC Pet Trust Research Competition, Equine Guelph Research Competition, Food From Thought, and the Canada Foundation for Innovation - Infrastructure Operating Funds.
    Funding for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows is available through internal and external sources. Students are expected to apply for external competitions including Canada Graduate Scholarships, MITACS Accelerate and Elevate Programs, and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Internal opportunities include the OVC Scholarships & Fellowships Competition, University of Guelph Graduate Awards and Scholarships, and In Program OVC Graduate Awards.For additional funding information, please use the sidebar to browse internal and external opportunities for faculty members and students.